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Online the first workshop of Community of Practice 1 "Immigrant integration strategies" of the CONNECTION project

On December 14, 15 & 16, 2020, the first of the four workshops of the working group of the Community of Practice 1 (CoP1) "Immigrant Integration Strategies" will take place online under the framework of the CONNECTION project (CONNEcting Cities Towards IntegrationactION), co-financed by the Asylum, Immigration and Integration Fund (AMIF). The workshop, which will be implemented through the digital platform Microsoft Teams, is organized by the city of Paris in collaboration with Eurocities and the Migration work, project coordinators. Apart from Paris, the Cop1 includes the cities of Turin, Zagreb and Thessaloniki, through ANATOLIKI SA.

On the first day of the workshop, there will be a detailed presentation of Paris’ strategy on refugees, from civil society’s push and political commitment to the operationalization of an evolving plan, and at the same time the partners will have the opportunity to meet the cities selected to participate in the project as visitors (Hamburg, Prague, and Zurich).

The second day will focus on the evaluation of Paris's integration strategy, on the immigrants’ view in developing their integration policies and on adopting inclusive integration strategies with special reference to illegal immigrants.

The third and last day is dedicated to the development of action plans for new integration policies in Zagreb, the municipality of Delta (Thessaloniki) and Cuneo, Asti and Settimo Torinese (areas of Turin)

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