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Preparatory online meeting of CoP1 “Creating Strategic Approaches to Migrant Integration” of the CONNECTION-AMIF project

The preparatory meeting of CoP1 - Community of Practice 1: Creating Strategic Approaches for the Integration of Immigrants of the CONNECTION-CONNEcting Cities Towards Integration actION project, co-financed by the European Union Asylum, Immigration and Integration Fund took place on 14 September. The meeting was organized through the digital platform of Microsoft teams by Eurocities and Migrationwork, project coordinators, and was attended by project partners working on this topic and in particular Paris, Turin, Zagreb and Thessaloniki through ANATOLIKI S.A.

The main goal was each partner to present the key points of the needs analysis of the municipality (s)he represents, and to answer the questions of the partners for a better understanding of the challenges that each partner faces. The ultimate goal was to organize more efficiently and targeted the four workshops (one in each CoP partner) and on-site visits to partners with greatest experience, and to select good practices that would meet the requirements of the participants.

Then, the new municipalities of Hamburg, Prague and Zurich were welcomed as additional cities that applied and were accepted to participate in CoP1.

The meeting ended with the updating and planning of the next meetings and actions for the continuation of the project.




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