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Entrepreneurship Webinars in Greek were successfully implemented

Pal push Partner ANATOLIKI.SA. Development Agency of Eastern Thessaloniki’ s Local Authorities, Greece conducted webinars via the “gotomeeting” app from 25-27 of February in Greek Language. The webinars were addressed to people who are interested in starting up a business as a resource for deeper learning in business knowledge. Participants had the opportunity to Learn about the business strategies, management and marketing and get answers to questions from our expert speakers. Topics developed: what is entrepreneurship, types of entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship, business choices & activities, market research and networking, marketing and business brand, financial management, management risks, community resources, internet marketing, communication and interaction, business plan & creativity.

Did you miss one of our live webinars? You can view the recordings online anytime.

You can find the recorded webinars here:
Lesson 2:
Lesson 3:
Lesson 4:
Lesson 5:
Lesson 6:
Lesson 7:
Lesson 8:
Lesson 9:
Lesson 10:
Lesson 11:
Lesson 12:
Lesson 13:



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