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Flow Rate Control System for Flood Prevention in the rivers Axios and Galikos in Central Macedonia installed

On 5-9 September 2022 the flow rate control system that monitors the water level and alerts in case of flooding of the rivers Axios and Galikos in Central Macedonia was successfully installed by the contracting company ScientAct S.A. and handed over to Anatoliki S.A. The procurement and installation of the system is in the framework of the European project “Co-Prevent: Cooperation for disaster prevention and environmental monitoring in Black Sea Basin” financed by the joint operational programme «Black Sea Basin ENI CBC 2014-2020».

The system consists of five monitoring stations and a full network for continuous measuring, logging and telemetric transferring of quantitative parameters (water level, water flow and discharge) supported by advanced software. The stations are autonomous (solar panel equipped). The measuring data are uploaded with a 15-minute-timestep on a cloud platform, the access to which is currently given to Anatoliki S.A. and is to be granted to the Civil Protection Department of Delta Municipality - the main stakeholder – in the imminent future.

The data logger and telemetry system of every station will send email alarm notifications in case the water level passes a critical point set by the Regional Civil Protection Directorate, for the immediate undertaking of the actions needed in order to protect human lives and property.

The training on the software of the flow rate control system was given by the CEO of ScientAct S.A. to the head of the Civil Protection Department of Delta Municipality and the Co-Prevent team members on 13 September 2022 in the venue of Anatoliki S.A.




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