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Interim Meeting of the CONNECTION-AMIF project

image 72192707The Interim Meeting of the CONNECTION project (CONNEcting Cities Towards IntegrationaCTION), co-financed by the European Union Asylum, Immigration and Integration Fund (AMIF), took place as a ‘hybrid’ event on the 13th and 14th September in Brussels. The meeting, organized by Eurocities and Migration work, project coordinators, was attended by all project partners, either in person in Brussels or online for those who were unable to travel, considering current covid quarantine restrictions. The participants of the project were able to meet and get acquainted after a year and a half of the program.

During the first day, the course of the project to date and the schedule of upcoming activities were analyzed, especially the "training of integration trainers". After a short break, members of the Brussels Refugee Committee presented their own experience and actions to help project’s partners meet the difficulties and needs of the refugees, information necessary in the elaboration of the action plans of each thematic axis of the project. The day ended with the coordination of stakeholders for integration of migrants and refugees and how to achieve it.

image 50423297The second day was dedicated to examples of good practice which have really made an impression, what has been learnt about each by each Community of practices COP, both in terms of positive ideas and challenges and how has this helped our cities producing their Action Plan to date. Finally, the discussion focused on successful ways of publicizing and raising awareness on the issue of immigration and the latest developments in EU accession policies.

Finally, the partners of the first Community of Practice -Cop1 (strategies for integration of refugees / immigrants in local communities), in which ANATOLIKI SA participates, renewed their appointment for October 11, in Turin, Italy, where the 2nd workshop of Cop1 will take place.




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